8pm Tuesdays at Xercise4Less Warrington

7:30pm Thursdays at Project Sana Fitness, Warrington

Longer than a standard class, workshops offer a more in depth look at specific areas of our practice or a fun play session learning skills and techniques to help with standing on your head or your hands – have a look see if there is something coming up that you like the look of…

A fulfilled workforce = a successful business. By offering weekly yoga classes to your staff, employee morale will soar, job satisfaction will improve, staff turnover will reduce and the productivity of your business will increase immediately and dramatically.

What with our day jobs, kids, pets, partners and social lives – where do find time to fit in a yoga practice too? The good news is – you can cut out the time it takes to get to a gym class and book a private, one to one session with me, from the comfort of your own home.