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No I do not earn a six figure income and it’s taken me 32  years to get to where I am today – which I am pretty darn proud of I have to say.

I wasn’t always, though. A friend of mine recently raised the sticky subject of these ‘How I earned a six figure income in a month’ type posts that plain make you feel bad about yourself and your achievements to date, or apparent lack thereof. I just brushed it all off as boastful, bragging or making it up. But it’s been on my mind ever since.

After all, it’s a sales technique, right? For one market – the money motivated, or the materialistic at least for that argument that people who are financially driven just want what it can bring them. Freedom? From what? Because ultimately if you’re unhappy – there’s some other work that needs to be done that earning more cash won’t help.

I am not money motivated and never have been. I was once told that I’m a marketers worst nightmare after a conversation about what kind of ad would make me buy a new pair of boots (my answer: when mine have got holes in the bottom I’ll get a new pair, decided by budget and purpose). I work in the charity industry, my goals are not financial and my outcomes are quite literally helping other people. My role there even is to ensure that the CEO is running her projects to the best of her ability, so that her outcomes are the best she can hope for and her health stays good (or gets better – I’m not superwoman as much as some might suggest I am). Perhaps I’m a do-gooder, but as long as my rent and bills are paid, I’m alright, Jack.

Life has had its ups and downs, but I’ve got my sh*t together as best I can. I’ve been in debt and taken out loans to consolidate 3 times because apparently I never learn, I still bought my first house last year (or 75% of it anyway – thanks shared ownership) and I’m only just in my 30s. I got engaged, but after a long run of bad choices, I don’t want kids and who cares! I still don’t have my driving license but I’ll get there.

The point of this post (there is one I promise) wasn’t just to rant, it’s just important to me that you realise that your dreams and goals, even if you want to save the planet or you just that new dress, are all valid. You don’t have to drive that car, earn that paycheck, wear those shoes or have those nails to be an epic human being. Keep doing you.

Keep getting out of bed, keep eating food, keep being a Mum or a Dad; whatever it is, keep trying your damned hardest every day, at your own pace, but keep dreaming.  Just do one thing for me; find evidence that you can reach your goals in what you’ve already achieved to date and know that you’re on the right track. The Universe has your back.

Note: If a six figure income is what you’re striving for, you go for it darling – shoot for the stars, but keep it real on the way, for our sakes, the humans down here 🙂

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