No tech before bed…

I bought myself an alarm clock recently and today I’m plugging it in! Like most people I use my iphone for my morning alarm, which means it stays switched on, all night, not far from my head. There are studies upon studies on how bad this is for us, and with a super stressful work life at the moment etc etc, I’m not sleeping through the night.

Sleep is a restorative process and a basic biologic need, when we are deprived of sleep, many of our body systems fail. Not only does our performance, memory and attention span suffer, our immune system and endocrine system is also impaired. There are also studies that suggest it increases chances of obesity and depression,mso if I can make this easy change – why not! (I’m not even sure what an increased appetite would look like for me, I eat a LOT of food).

Research has also shown that the blue light emitted by smartphones (and other digital devices) might suppress our body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that induces tiredness and contributes to the timing of sleep-wake cycles – this makes sense to me in terms of brain activity on social media for my business etc – I don’t need that in my head when I’m meant to be resting.

So my plan is to switch off and charge my phone in the kitchen at night, the furthest room away from my bedroom, and use my new alarm to wake me up for my day. This will also eliminate that half hour I spend scrolling in bed and make for an easier start each morning, making me get out of bed and actually pay attention to my routine rather than autopilot. I will read books before bed so that I can process real information and stories while I sleep rather than thinking about digital marketing competition.

I’ll keep you posted – here’s hoping to more restful sleep and getting back to productive, healthy morning routines.

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