Veganuary Week 2

So, this week wasn’t great, I was unprepared, rushing around, had a super stressful week at work then a working weekend in South Wales with young people and a youth worker’s diet isn’t exactly healthy let alone dairy free.

I’m also eating a lot of cacao, which I need to cut back on really – it’s not a staple food!

Anyway – there are my excuses, read what I ate last week below.

Skin still great, energy levels still great, lost 2.5lbs now but again, that’s probably just the result of my sugar levels returning down to normal from off the chart at Christmas.

B: One toast with DF spread & 1 tbsp jam
S: none
L: Quinoa rice with veggies & tofu
S: Graze flapjack
D: Business meeting at Carluccios: Mushrooms and kale sautéed with garlic and chilli served on toasted ciabatta – so much garlic, SO good!
S: Cocoa orange nakd bar

B: Oats with soy milk & cacao
S: Graze flapjack (I have a lot of these to get through – they’re on sale)
L: Plain bagel – soup screw up 😣
S: Cocoa orange nakd bar
D: Tomato quinoa & black bean stew with rice
+ 2 squares of Cadbury bourneville (after one square of Sainsbury’s free from chocolate which is so bad – don’t try it)

B: Oats
S: Graze
L: V-Rev vegan diner in Manchester – ‘Barbecute’ vegan burger with baecon and cheez – so good and great for my mood on a super stressful day – this was the start of the week going downhill…
S: Almonds and the rest of the bourneville
D: Tomato quinoa & black bean stew with rice

Thursday (super stressful day at Work)
B: Toast with PB
S: Apple and almond butter
L: Sweet potato and cauliflower dhal with spinach (from Pret)
S: Soya hot chocolate
D: Beans on toast – double serving!!

Friday (hectic day – long drive)
B: Graze flapjack
S: None – worked right through and almost didn’t eat lunch
L: Half baked potato with chana masala (couldn’t finish – too busy – how stupid does that sound!?)
S: Nakd cocoa orange bar
D: Indian restaurant – vegetable rogan josh with mushroom rice

Saturday – youth work day one – so lucky that the B&B we were staying at were super helpful and no problems at all accommodating me
B: Vegan sausages, mushrooms, toast, grilled tomato, baked beans
S: Graze flapjack
L: Cereal bar (McDonalds for the young people!)
S: Nine bar
D: Stuffed peppers and potatoes in the pub – also great on making me vegan options

Sunday – long drive home & youthwork day two!
B: 2 Vegan sausages, mushrooms, toast, grilled tomato, baked beans
S: Cereal bar
L: Hummus & crisps! (While the young people had Dominos – also did not know that most crisps have milk in!)
S: More cereal bars
D: Finished off the hummus on the long drive home…

So yes, not a great week if you picture that on a table all laid out – it’s a lot of beige and not a lot of good old nutrition. I also forgot to take my multivitamins to wales with me – so feeling the need for a load of veggies and fruit this week. Soups and smoothies required.


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