Veganuary – Falling off the wagon in week 3…

Confession time: I had a slice of garlic pizza bread with Mozarella on Saturday! I was in a foul mood, I had been at work, the fiancé, (ha! still can’t get used to that) took me for lunch and as a giant slab of dough, garlic and cheese sat in front of me, he asked if I’m OK as I seem a bit down, I reached out and I took a bite of a slice and well, then the rest of the slice followed!!

I didn’t however beat myself up, I finished my vegan dish, then went and got vegan snacks and had a lovely indulgent evening with vegan chocolate and my gorgeous man. I felt guilty momentarily but reminded myself that this journey is not about perfection, it’s doing the best I can, and I’m doing my best.

Here’s what I ate last week. There was a lot of chocolate – I’m going to try and cut back on that (but I said that last week too… oops!)

N: Oats with cacao and peanut butter
S: Graze flapjack
L: Broccoli and carrot with tomato rice
S: Dark chocolate
D: Bean chilli with whole meal toast

B: Oats with soy milk & cacao
S: Nine bar
L: Half falafel & hummous wrap with salted crisps
S: Grapes
D: Leftover bean chilli with wholemeal toast
S: Dark chocolate

Wednesday (sleepover with my niece – had the Moana theme stuck in my head ever since)
B: Ruby red porridge from LEON
S: Graze flapjack
L: Hummous and sourdough toast
S: Dark chocolate – a whole bar of Bourneville in fact… not gonna lie…
D: Vegan spaghetti bolognese cooked by my sister

B: Half a slice of toast with jam (shared with 3yo Phoebe Louise)
S: Graze flapjack
L: Beans and mushrooms on toast
S: None
D: Rice and veggies

B: Oats with jam & PB
S: Dark chocolate
L: Hummous on sourdough
S: Eark chocolate
D: Rice and veggiesssss

Saturday (working and got up late so ran out of the door)
B: Mini ‘vego’ choc bar on the go
S: Vegan bounce ball
L: Zizzi pasta (and that slice of garlic bread with mozzarella!)
S: Asda mint snaps
D: Hummous and pea crisps

Sunday (we had a lie in and late breakfast so no lunch)
B: Vegan sausages, beans & toast
S: graze flapjack
S: alpro yogurt
D: Thai green vegetable curry with jasmine rice, soy ice cream and chocolate sauce

I’ll let you know… but currently I want to stick with veganism beyond Veganuary… I really do feel better for it.

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