Veganuary 2018 – Week One

One week down, three to go!

My first week was relatively easy as the boyfriend works away Monday – Friday and I can eat quite well. The weekend not so much as I eat so much when I’m with him. He’s veggie, not vegan, but he’s super supportive so we did source vegan options.

I do need more variety though and to cook more, being home alone means cooking for one which I struggle to find motivation for. Not being able to eat milk chocolate is helping the waistline though. If it were a diet I was embarking on I’d have failed on Wednesday but morally, veganuary helped me steer clear.

My skin has cleared up and I lost a couple of lbs (weight is not the focus, though after Christmas it definitely cannot hurt). I’ve not noticed a change in energy levels but they’ve definitely not depleted – I climbed the mountain in my header image yesterday!

Anyway, here’s what I ate in a week;

B: Oats w/soy milk & DF Chocolate squares
S: 2 toast w. DF spread
L: Quinoa rice with broccoli, carrots & green beans
D: Bean chilli with sourdough
Naughty: the rest of the chocolate! (I was sad, Craig left for the week)

B: Oats with soy milk and sprinkling of cacao powder
S: Peanut nine bar
L: Leftovers! Thai green curry and pilau rice
S: Hummous & flatbread
D: V-Rev Vegan diner chickn selects with BBQ sauce

B: One toast with DF spread & tbsp jam
S: Peanut nine bar
L: Baked potato with chana masala
S: Graze protein flapjack (on offer in Sainsburys!)
D: Wholemeal rice with veggies & tofu pieces

B: Oats with cacao and PB
S: Peanut nine bar
L: Leftover rice with veggies & tofu pieces
S: Hummous & carrots
D: Bean Chilli and sourdough with DF spread

Friday (got up late, no planning, all food on the go!)
B: Ruby red porridge from LEON
S: Graze protein flapjack
L: Baked potato with Channa masala (it was so good the other day!)
S: Nero soy hot choc 🙊
D: Left over bean chilli and sourdough with DF spread

B: Oats with hazlenut milk and cacao
S: Graze protein flapjack
L: Curried chickpea soup
S: Green & blacks and almonds
D: Chick pea & black bean stew with Sweet potatoes

Sunday (Mountain day)
B: Oats with hazlenut milk and cacao
S: Nine bar (which had frozen!)
L: Tofu veg and rice
S: Graze flapjack
– Naughty little soya hot chocolate on the drive home…
D: Beans on toast!

Ending the week on beans on toast was not the plan but a cold day out in the mountains left us both shattered so it was an easy option.

This week sees me travelling this weekend so I’ll need to plan ahead for that. Lots of car time and youth work, which usually means pizza – no good for me!

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