Viewing my day with grattitude

Today I…

  • Woke Up
  • In a comfortable bed, in my home
  • Went for an early morning run, around peaceful streets
  • Am physically able to run
  • Showered, with hot water
  • Ate a healthy, wholesome breakfast
  • Walked into my thriving town centre in which I live
  • Got a new mobile phone, an iPhone
  • Have the money to pay for a smart phone
  • Bought a green tea from a coffee shop
  • Walked home, to my clean, modern apartment
  • Read a book
  • Am able to read
  • My sister picked me up in her car
  • I am able to visit my family
  • Returned home and had a cup of tea then turned on the TV and fired up the laptop
  • Have am fortunate enough to have these things at my disposal
  • Spoke to my boyfriend on the phone…
  • Have someone who loves me

Today I am grateful for all of the above… and everything I will get to do tomorrow…

What have you done today that you are grateful for, and fortunate to have?

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