We’re Moving!



We finally handed in our notice at the day jobs! I’ve been wanting to do it for some time, not because I hate it there or anything, but I’m excited for our future plans and this is pretty much THE biggest step towards making them reality.

We feel that we have gotten all that we can out of London & Essex and it’s time to move back to the other side of the M25 and back to my home; Manchester.  We will also be closer to mountains – which will please Craig immensely – though may mean I see him a lot less!

So now that I have formally informed the boss, we can start properly job hunting! I hate sneaking around and keeping secrets so this is another reason I wanted to let the right people know sooner rather than later. We have no jobs and nowhere to live currently, but the next 8 weeks will see us kick that part of our plans into high gear.  The next 8 weeks look like cardboard boxes, packing, house hunting, job hunting and saving every spare penny that we can… plus a little yoga, naturally!

It’s nerve wracking, but also exciting. We’re truly taking a leap of faith here, hoping that the jobs, income and finding somewhere to live come in line at the right time, but if you don’t try, you’ll never know, and if you’re constantly waiting for the ‘perfect’ timing or to have the money etc – it’ll simply never happen.

I’m still South until Thursday 15th September and still have plenty going on before then including Sky Garden Yoga classes every Saturday (and one Sunday) throughout August, if you want to catch up before I leave then do get in touch.

We’re leaping – watch this space!


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