Hello August


Standard ‘I cannot believe it’s already August’ post!

With our notices handed in at work, we have pretty much the next 31 days in which to really get our behinds in gear to find a job and somewhere to live in/around Manchester.

That also means packing up our current home, having a nice big clear out and having a catch up with friends down here too.

August – Moving To Do List

  • Find a date for the diary to go house hunting up North
  • Go house hunting up North
  • Pack all clothes I won’t wear (so anything that’s not leggings)
  • Drop off / Post Charity donations – mostly shoes since I’m barefoot more often than not these days
  • Update CV & Linked In account
  • Make appointments with 5 agencies
  • Bulk write & schedule a whole bunch of blog posts – I’m likely to be crazy busy and not find time to sit down to write all that much over the coming weeks
  • Transfer all personal documents from my work laptop to my Dropbox account! I really need my own laptop…
  • Prepare Introduction to Yoga Workshop

I’m sure there’s more… but in between all that teach and practice yoga and wrap things up at work… my last day in the office is the 9th September.

Much to do!

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