5 Reasons you should book a Yoga Retreat

When the occasional yoga class on your way home from work isn’t quite cutting it, consider taking it to the next level.

Yoga retreats are transformative, and anyone who enjoys a lifestyle of health and wellness can benefit enormously from attending one.

Deepen your practice

Yoga has the ability to go much deeper with a continual practice and on a retreat morning and evening classes are usually a minimum, taking your practice up a level automatically. You will notice progress and positive side effects much quicker.

You can Truly Relax

Without distractions of the modern world around you there is nowhere else to be but right there. That meditation app that counts down a few minutes for you to sit and get out of the real world doesn’t quite cut it sometimes (especially as it’s on your phone which could ring any minute!). Also, you know that incredible feeling you get in savasana when all you really want to do it let go completely and fall into the best sleep you’ve ever had, but you’ve got somewhere to be or people are starting to pack up and rush out of the room around you? None of that on a retreat! Everyone is there for the same thing… so you can rest up, sink into your relaxation and come around when you’re ready.

Healthy Eating

You’ll eat well without having to do any of the hard work. If your retreat is all inclusive you’ll get three delicious home cooked balanced meals (often vegetarian/vegan) so you’ll feel better inside as well as out.

Change of Perspective

You’ll come away feeling a sense of appreciation for daily life and perhaps a different perspective. Most holidays give you the feeling that you need another holiday, especially if you’ve crammed a lot in and are having lots of late nights. However on retreat – early nights, and quiet times where you are normally expected to be up beat and chatty are part and parcel.


No agenda and no time frames. Apart from getting yourself to the dinner table there really are no time constraints and this in itself is a complete relief. It’s so nice to trust that you will be in the right place at the right time and that no one will be reprimanding you if you’re late or don’t feel like going. This natural flow from within starts to move and we start to become more authentic.

Bonus Reason – You Deserve it!!

You also don’t have to leave the country to get away on a retreat, our luxury all inclusive retreats are based in the UK, with our first one this September in Tenby, Wales.

Take a look at our Active Retreats page for more details and get in touch to book.

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