The problem with online yoga…

I am a yoga teacher… and I don’t get time to go to classes as much as I’d like to so I use youtube and cody app and other online avenues to bring yoga to me. HOWEVER… I know that a yoga video entitled ‘yoga for back pain’ is probably more related to that ache you get from sitting or standing all day rather than a slipped disc – it’s a vague topic and should be treated with caution as well a certain amount of common sense.

If you have a condition, or injury or an illness even (blood pressure issues even) you should really be getting specialist advice, not googling and trusting that the person you’re following can help you. They don’t know you and they definitely can’t see you.

Additionally – how do you know that what you’re doing is right? Downward dog for example – the teacher in the video may be executing a perfect adho mukha savassana but she has great hamstring flexibility, you might not. The result is all of your weight shifts into your hands while you try to get straight legs, creating pressure in your wrists and tension in your shoulders. The teacher in the video can’t adjust you so you continue to do this and risk causing yourself some issues over time.

There are enormous benefits to having a practice you can bring to you but also scary disadvantages.

If you have a condition then put your research into local teachers who might be able to help with your specific situation. Anatomy and working with injuries is part of our training, we know how to adjust a practice so that you can benefit immensely and in most cases, ease your discomfort enormously in day to day activities. And if we don’t know we can usually point you in the direction of someone who can – just ask!

Even if you consider yourself tip-top condition, get yourself to a teacher. Either in a class setting or a private lesson but don’t put yourself at risk of injury by only ever going to online instruction.

I’m not asking you to become a fully fledged yoga bunny with 6 different studio memberships (even if you could afford that these days), and I know classes can feel intimidating, but use your head here and please, be safe!

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