Emergency Date Night


Last night, Craig and I had an unplanned Date Night. Some people schedule these in around their commitments, but we needed one.

I work two jobs, around the other things associated with our own businesses such as marketing, finances, social media management and ever canvassing for new business. Craig works crazy long hours (including night shifts), is constantly and tirelessly canvassing for new business and does all of the bits ‘behind the scenes’ at home to boot (honestly, I’d be unwashed and half-starved if I didn’t have him!). In between shifts he gets odd days off where he is confined to the apartment as there’s nothing for him to do where we live currently (not that doesn’t involve a good few hours drive anyway, which costs money, which we’re trying to save) making for one stir-crazy boyfriend!

We’d gotten to a point where on Wednesday evening I was on my phone instagramming (trying to organically grow followers rather than resorting to buying them is time consuming!) and/or replying to emails after getting home from my 9-5 followed by 6-8, leaving poor neglected Craig curled up on the sofa ‘with me’, but effectively still on his own as he had been all day and neither of us were enjoying our week to say the least.

Heading quickly for another weekend where he was heading off to work those long days and I’d then be left at home alone (albeit still working; always working!), we felt like we’d not seen each other for days so we booked a table at a local favourite restaurant.

The phones were switched off and I banned myself from Instagram for the night. We still talked business as we’re designing a couple of things and creating all the time, inspired and motivated to grow and develop ourselves and build our future together. And yes, we’re meant to be squirreling every penny away, but sometimes you need to take a few of them out of the jar and spend them, and the time, to relax, look up at each other, laugh together and have conversations where you’re both completely present in that moment.

All of this hard work and sacrifice now will be well worth it in a few months when we make the big changes we are preparing so tirelessly for – but we mustn’t forget to come back to the reasons why we are, remember what is important to us and not just let these moments pass us by.

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