I love a good doubter


That’s right – I love it. Sometimes anyway.

When you tell someone your ‘hair-brained’ schemes (which are often your deepest desires and potentially your real goals in life) and they instantly screw up their face in confusion and the sheer ludicracy of your ambitions – from their viewpoint anyway.

In their eyes it’s ridiculous to even imagine freedom from the corporate machine or not getting up at 6am to get your chores done before you can get to the office early, work all day for someone else then go home and try and snatch a few hours of that thing we call ‘life’ around the monotony.

I can get home early at 6pm (it’s a rule – I don’t work late if it’s not absolutely necessary – and it rarely is) but I also like to go to bed around 10ish so I get a measley 4 hours of the evening to spend with Craig. In which we cook dinner, eat dinner, discuss our day, perhaps find a film while doing laundry, dishes and all of the other things we have on our to do list.

Why is it apparently so ridiculous to dare to dream we can do anything else? Because this routine provides a certain level of safety for most. Financial security as they put it. But at what cost?

Getting up, having breakfast on the move, commuting with hundreds of people who don’t even look up let alone smile or acknowledge anyone else exists except to annoy them by shoving in front of them on the train, then head into a building where they may not leave (except for an hour around midday – if they’re lucky) for at least 8 hours… only to repeat the commute, have dinner and go to bed. All so that at the end of the month payday comes and they can have one week of frivolity before counting down the days to the next one. Axe in Billions puts it ‘eat, shit, repeat’.

I want to get up when I want to, even if I have to get up at a particular time to work – it’ll be work that I WANT to do. I don’t want to have to accept attitude from people who think the sky is going to fall if their documents don’t arrive somewhere on time or an appointment in their diary clashes with another. From people who think it’s ok to walk directly into you because they’re in a hurry and didn’t see you while they were emailing from their phone. From people who think it’s ok to literally shout at someone else because they’re stressed about a deadline that no one will die because of.

‘What will you do for money?’ something I love, but I’m more excited about having the time to read, write, visit family and friends. ‘You wouldn’t be able to afford a holiday’ – holidays are for people who need to escape from their lives – I’d rather travel for the hell of it – not because I worked so hard for 20 days off that I get a hard time for taking too many of at once.

I won’t be put off reaching for my goals by people who are basically scared to step away from the norm. Their dreams may not be worth pursuing in their minds for the risk factor alone, but even if things don’t go entirely to plan – I tried, and I bet I’ll have fun doing it.

Hopefully it’ll all work out and I’ll be laughing when they ask me how I did it – I’ll tell them they should have listened when I told them how I’ll do it.

There are no mistakes in life, only lessons learned.

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