Sorry it’s late…


OK so I’ve been so busy catching up with myself after my trip I have to apologise for the lack of blog posts!

The Inca Trail was incredible (post to come on that this week) and I’d recommend it to anyone even thinking about it. It’s tough (I may not have suggested you even attempt if you’d asked me on day one) but well worth it.

I’ve also booked our first yoga retreat with Craig,  who will be there as both Atmosphere Mountaineering to guide the beautiful coastal walks and our very talented in house veggie cook! He’s quite excited about the ‘Chefs Kitchen’ in the house!

So today I got frustrated with myself for being MIA on the blog front lately so I’m going back to old faithful to do list to get me back on track! It’ll cover the next month, and be a busy one, but I’m feeling the need for some control in between my full time job, teaching yoga and making plans for a big change later this year,  it’s all getting away from me a little.

1. Write, practice & rewrite my Handstand Workshop lesson plan
2. Confirm new dates for Sky Garden Classes in July & August
3. New Flyers for our Active Retreats
4. Draft (& test!) Vegetarian menu for our Welsh retreat in September
5. Write up Inca Trail post
6. Research, prepare and plan for Photoshoot with Amy Louise Photography in July – so excited!
7. Update the CV for the big changes coming up! (Eek!)
8. Come up with 10 Blog Titles to write
9. Write 10 Blog posts
10. Creat a June Playlist on Spotify
11. Finish reading one of the hundred books I bought lately…

Obviously the last one is a tad wistful if I can find the time around the two jobs and all of the above, as well as 2 training walks with Atmosphere Mountaineering and one Three Peaks Challenge with meningitis Now! But we can but try! I’ll keep you posted!

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