National Vegetarian Week

I gave up meat almost a year ago now, after undertaking a week’s intensive yoga teacher training in Bulgaria, I came back with all of the grandest plans of steak and ribs for dinner, but I just didnt want any of it. When it came down to it, I ordered a vegetarian lasagne at my restaurant of choice and I’ve not eaten meat since.

My reasons for sticking with Vegetarianism (mostly vegan) stem from my lifestyle based upon compasion and non-harm, but also the environmental reasons just stack right up – it makes no sense for our future generations for us to continue to eat meat, especially at the sheer quantities that we are today – in fact, it’s completely unsustainable.

It’s so easy to subsitute meat products these days with so many inspiring recipes out there and meat alternatives are getting better all the time.

So, will you be making a decision to give up meat from the 16th – 22nd May? Will you give it up for just a day or perhaps just try a couple of vegetarian recipes? Is your local restaurant putting on a special menu that you might like the look of?

Whatever you do, if you do anything at all, it’s all contribution and you never know, might make you decide to incorporate meat free Mondays at least!

You can find some great recipes here;

You can read more about National Vegetarian Week at and dont forget to tag #nvw2016 in your social media posts so that I can be inspired by your efforts 🙂

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