Haters gon’ Hate

Haters. We’ve all had them – those non-beleivers who judge without knowing just how much determination and power we have in our own self-belief and ultimately, inspire us to keep on truckin’.

Haters come in all shapes and sizes, after all it’s easy to attract one – all you have to do is voice an opinion or have a creative ambition that differs from their own or challenges their self-imposed limits on their own dreams. So here a few things to keep in mind when dealing with a hater.

1. It’s all about them

The age old ‘they’re just jealous’. Maybe they are, but ultimately, they think it’s stupid because they don’t have the fearless attitude to take a risk towards their own goals and dreams. How they perceive your ambition is a mirror of their opinion on their own self-worth.

2. It’s definitely not about you

With the above in mind – do not doubt yourself based on their reflection. Don’t be afraid. Take risks and that leap of faith the worst that could happen is you learn a valuable lesson for the next venture. It’s all a journey and everything along that way is constructive criticism you should take on board but not let determine your destination.

3. 24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes… take the comments on board, rant about it to someone if you wish (my sister and my boyfriend are my go-to rant recipients) but don’t react directly. Take 24 hours and see how you feel about it then. If you’re still upset or hurt and you can’t use it to spur you on in your endeavours, make it 24 days, chances are the world will have moved on, time heals all wounds.

4. Delete

Sometimes people can get vicious. Beyond simply laughing at your dream they say nasty, spiteful things. There is an anti-bullying term ‘Delete & Block’ so do it.

5. They will come around

They may laugh at your dream, when you first show them your Pinterest board with all of your scrapbooked ideas, but don’t worry – this is a plan that you’re in for the long haul. As the saying goes; at first they will ask you why you’re doing it, then they will ask you how you did it.

I remain super excited about my dreams each and every day and my haters have become my inspiration – I will prove them wrong and I will achieve my goals because I have passion to do so, I’m just sorry for them, that they don’t.

Don’t order that ‘I told you so’ banner just yet though, after all, karma is still capable of bringing you down a peg or two. Be humble, remain grateful, and perhaps add a non-believers surcharge when they’re hiring you.

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