Bulgaria Teacher Training


I am thrilled to have been invited to teach at the Yoga Dharma Centre in Bulgaria, on their 7 day intensive teacher training programme this coming June.

This covers 95 hours of learning and I attended last year as a participant before qualifying as a 200hr RYT last August. This week completely transformed my teaching, as well as influencing my life in ways that meant it wasnt quite the same again.

We would spend our days immersed in our practice and study, waking at 6am for cleansing practices (jala-neti), pranayam (breath control), asana (postures) and meditation before breakfast at 10am, then to return to our studies for the rest of the day, winding down after dinner to self study and preparation for various presentations and practices the following day.  To keep things fresh and interesting we would work in groups and create sequences based around a common theme, and we took a day out in the surrounding fields to sit and take in a presentation lead by one of the students. You can read my full review of last year’s training here (my first blog post on this site!).

It’s hard work, but it’s rewarding. The days are long but the company and knowledge inspiring. The group that arrives on that first day, will not be the same one that leaves on the last one.

You learn things in this setting; without the distractions of ‘work on Monday’ or the phone ringing or emails pinging, that you would otherwise struggle to realise.

Have you studied this way before? How did you find it?

And if you’re interested in joining this event either this year or in the future, please do get in touch!


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