Why I’ll always be a Student before I’m a Teacher…

There are many people who will attain the qualification or award they’ve worked so hard for, then just keep it and build on their client base and that’s that. Of course there’s that beloved ‘CPD’ requirement for many of us, but beyond that – how much further learning do we actually do?

I value my studio time as much as I do my personal practice and teaching, and I will forever consider myself a student. By maintaining a connection to my teachers, my peers, my colleagues and my inspirations, I’m constantly learning new ways to progress; from deeper knowledge, understanding or best of all teachers; years’ worth of experience before me.

Not only that, but in my own development from attending regular classes and a variety of workshops, I can offer a better wealth of information to my own students, adding variety and knowledge to my teaching.

This is a principal you can apply to both your career and your personal life; always be willing to accept new knowledge, different perspectives & alternative approaches – and you will forever be fulfilled.

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