Sourcing Content

I’ve not been doing this long, but I have a few tools that really help me source genuine material.

Now for any blogger out there you may think ‘yeah right because I have time to do that’, but it’s time to get organised! We should be putting as much focus into finding genuine inspiration for our posts as we do writing them up, so bear with me.


I can’t stress this one enough. Buy magazines, pick up a book, or just subscribe to newletters from your favourite blog sites. You never know where a little pocket of inspiration might come from. From a quote a character might say, or a situation that arises, these may well draw upon your own experience for a post from a personal perspective. Be inspired if you want to inspire others.

Participate online

It’s not enough to just be on these platforms, you have to actually take part. Don’t just like posts on your blog reader either, have a look through and select a few to sit down and really take in. someone might say something that you want to do or take part in, or at the very least you may come across something you want to re-blog on your own page on those days where nothing is flowing from your own mind. Commenting, liking and sharing sincerely is also a great way to increase your following. But do be aware, if you can spot a blind follow or a like without people actually reading it – so can they!

Write it down

Carry a note book with you everywhere and write down every little thing that makes you stop and think. Mine is scribbled with so many one liners that will serve as blog titles and even small paragraphs from moments I was so taken by a thought I had to get it down in writing there and then. Occasionally I have the time and inclination to write a piece on the spot, there and then, my fingers are a blur on the keyboard as I’m wrapped up in my feelings on a matter, but we don’t always have the time so my note book is my key piece of kit at all times.

A few of things to be careful of…

Don’t plagiarise. It’s plain not cool to take someone else’s hard work and make it your own, even if you do ‘change it around a bit’. Give credit where credit is due and if you do write a new piece from someone’s post, then tag the author and link the original article so that they get some recognition and perhaps a little wider audience. They may return the favour too.

You never know who’s reading. I’ve had messages from people who are all wound up with ‘was that post about me?’ (usually no – but what does that say about them!?) or I’ve been upset by someone and written an angry post about how ‘people’ should be more mindful. Do be careful that you don’t offend people, don’t type in anger unless you’re happy for a potential fall out to come full circle. If you want to make an indirect jab at someone, go ahead, but just think about the consequences.

Keep it real. We know that those posts that come off a little ‘ranty’ get a little bit more exposure via the likes of Facebook than others, but don’t get carried away and end up creating a bitch blog. For every one drama queen are 10 serious people looking for a source of information or a different perspective on a situation so stay true to your original goal for your blog.

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