It’s a brand new year, and an extra day to play with to boot! 365 days, 52 weekends, 8,760 hours – what are you going to do to make them count?

This year brings me a lot of adventure and a lot of hard work; with lots of weekends away with loved ones, a trip to Peru to climb Machu Piccu, my 30th Birthday, Tough Mudder and flying to Africa to climb Kilimanjaro as well as trying to kick start my yoga teaching career, blogging and embarking on a new training course towards the end of the year – it’s going to be jam packed. But I’m excited.

2015 has been a year of self-discovery and lots of fun has been had, I’ve been to Bulgaria and Australia, qualified as a Yoga Teacher, climbed the 3 Peaks and met someone pretty damn special while doing so, but I feel like I’ve been on one long run up to 2016. Preparing myself for all of this and truly I cannot wait!

What does 2016 hold for you?

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