Well it’s over! For another 364 days anyway (or however many it is – 2016 is leap year remember!).

Today is the time where many of us start to think about the New Year and those dreaded Resolutions! ‘I will not do this, I mustn’t do that, I will quit this, I will have less fun and be unhappy’.

I don’t know when it happened, but this time of year has turned into us putting a butt load of pressure on ourselves at some point and it makes me sad – this is no way to embrace that lovely clean slate and exciting fresh start that a whole sparkly new year has the power to fill us with.

So I put it to you, that instead of saying ‘will not / must not’, we turn these things on their heads and set intentions rather than restrictions?

Try these;

I will not spend so much money becomes I will keep my amazon wishlist updated and treat myself once a month (chances are by the time payday comes around you won’t want half of the stuff on there anyway!)

I will quit coffee (you crazy people) into I will try and drink more herbal tea.

Instead of I will cut out sugar, try I will incorporate more nuts etc into my diet (stick with it – those cravings will go away, I promise!)

And then the big one – I will lose weight. That’s one hefty old goal! And a narrow one at that. Why don’t you try this first; ‘I will accept my body as it is, but learn to love and respect myself’. Take your wonderful body for long walks outdoors (or short ones, we can start wherever we like!) and feed it more earth foods like fruit and vegetables? Once we start on the right foundation, the rest will follow.


Then my favourite way to reach my goals comes in, it’s simple, but effective; break those barriers down! Don’t be so damn strict on yourself. Put your main goal at the top of the scale, then put smaller, stepping stones up there. I will lose 5lbs, I will pay £200 off my credit card, and when you cross them off, your main goal becomes achievable. Humanise these things, you’re not a machine, you’re a beautiful fleshy bag of love, and you have to be kind to yourself.

My personal mantra, whenever I’m feeling heavy, lethargic or like I’m struggling (notice I didn’t say fat? We are not fat, we have fat; it does not define us), whenever I look in the mirror and poke my wobbly bits, I stop and look myself square in the eye and say ‘I accept myself, just as I am, right now’. We must appreciate that this is a journey that we are on with our body and my mind, together – not against one another.

When a friend is struggling we don’t tell them they’re worthless, useless and point out their apparent failings like we so often find ourselves saying – we say ‘look how far you’ve come, look at what you have achieved, keep going’. Treat yourself like a friend, and your body and mind will love you right back like one.

I will admit that I got up this morning and jumped on the scales. Then I put on my yoga pants, rolled out my mat and worked up a sweat. After that I made myself some eggs and spinach and a mug of fennel tea and sat down at my laptop. Then while writing this, I’ve eaten two penguin biscuits! Balance! 🙂

What are your intentions for 2016?

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