‘Turning 18 comes with certain privileges, such as legally drinking, driving etc. But what these young adults lack is the responsibility that comes with such privileges’

I heard this on the radio today and it got me thinking.

Today, these fun, ‘grown up’ things are seen by young adults as a right, rather than a privilege, and so follows binge drinking, reckless driving, promiscuity and a lack of respect for each other and most of all themselves.

Turning 18, or whatever age is considered an adult, isn’t a right, it’s a passage, and becoming an adult, in my eyes, somewhat overrated.

I much prefer people with that child-like innocence and value. With wonder and amazement and gratitude for all that they come across.
In this rush to do all these adult things we get lost, we wander away from gratitude and respect into greed and ego.

We end up working to earn money to buy things that might make us happy; Consumerism – a social and economic order and ideology encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts. Yet our greed means we take these things for granted and never stop to appreciate them, even if we have the time since we are in that cycle of work – buy. This is another example of a lack of respect for our own life, we don’t take care of ourselves while we are stuck in this cycle.

Someone said to me the other day about how we never stop, aren’t able to truly relax, always seeking entertainment (or distraction) of some sort.

So as the meme suggests, quit that job you don’t enjoy, that you do to buy things you don’t need. But most importantly, find that child like wonder in all that you already have, and all that surrounds you.

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