You may know if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram that I am currently on vacation in Australia. What a wondrous place it is too.

Today as we drove from Denmark to Margaret River I witnessed the most beautiful site; black trees.

There had been some controlled fires set overnight. This is necessary here for regeneration and to help minimise damage for natural fires. You can see though, gorgeous bright green leaves growing all the way up the trees in stark contrast to the blackened trunks.

I also saw how the taller trees further along as we drove through various national parks, less recently subjected to this cleansing and renewing fire, had begun shedding their black cloaks, and the bark was strewn across the forest floor and draped over nearby trees and shrubs like discarded clothing, leaving fresh, golden coloured nakedness.

I am in awe of this cycle, how something so destructive brings such life. It is testament to the strength and beauty of our earth.

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