From ‘I really should start taking care of myself’ to ‘oh let’s do that’, if you’re talking to me about it and want me to help or even join you on some amazing adventure, you’d better be willing to either put down that slice of cake or book a flight immediately.

I’m a doer. If I say I want to do something, I’ll find a way to do it.

When I wanted to make a relationship work I once quit my job and moved my life 220 miles South to give it a shot. It didnt work out but guess what? Im still here and happy to tell the tale! And I have a whole load of experience I picked up along the way.

When my uncles said ‘why don’t you come with us to Perth next year’ I said ‘ok’, and I meant it. Could I afford it? Hell no! But in the next 4 weeks I found the money and booked my flight.

When that same relationship broke down after I took a trip to Borneo to climb Mt Kinabalu, because I wanted to travel more and climb mountains, I said I was going to do more of it (initially out of some sort of defiance admittedly but it is a genuine passion of mine) and so I set my sights on Machu Piccu; low and behold I’m going in April 2016. I used my upcoming 30th birthday as an excuse, called up a travel agency and paid a deposit on a 4 day trek on the Inca Trail. 18 months before my actual birthday, but I was now committed.

Funnily enough, I’ve had at least 10 people say ‘oh wow, I’d love to do that’ or ‘that’s on my bucket list’. And do you know what? The only thing you’ll regret is the chances you didn’t take. Find the money, quit the job, put down that pie, get out of any situation that’s stopping you fulfilling your goals. Live life to the fullest! You’re a long time dead.

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