In case you’ve been living under a rock and somehow not heard – I’m off to Australia on Monday!

I love travelling. I love visiting new places and falling in love over and over again. I love to get on a plane but I also love a train journey to somewhere in the UK for a weekend in the countryside or a town or city I’ve never been to. I adore the fact that you can wake up in one country, and go to bed in another.

I’m flying out to Perth via Kuala Lumpur, and I’ve been offered many tips and tricks for making the 21 hour flight a little more bearable, so here are the ones I’ve taken on board.

Take Healthy Snacks

It can be very tempting to gorge on chocolate, crisps and sandwiches in between meals leaving you feel heavy and a bit gross at the other end, craving real nourishment. Take healthy snacks with you. I have nak’d bars and will buy grapes etc at the airport. This will also help with the next tip;

Stay hydrated

Flying is very dehydrating, so drink more than you usually would! But I’d advise against coffee, and alcohol, it’ll dehydrate you further, keep you awake and leave you irritable. It’s also a good idea to take a moisturiser!

Tactical toilet breaks

Most people use the loo after a meal. However it’s also common practice to wait until trays have been collected, so take this time to make your move!


Pack extra clothing in your hand luggage so that you can add and remove layers throughout the flight, making yourself as cozy or as light as you feel you need at any one time. A scarf is a secret weapon on flights, as well as stylish fashion accessory it can double up as a blanket, an eye mask, a pillow or even provide some lumbar support!

Fresh underwear

And a whole fresh outfit for when you land. You’ll feel better for washing your face, brushing your teeth and putting on a clean pair of pants before you step off the plane ready to greet your family and friends. I’ll be boarding in jeans and converse and arriving in Perth in harem trousers and havanas!

Do Yoga

I’m not sure I’ll be doing a headstand like I see some of my fellow yogis doing on their InstaGram accounts but some of these yoga moves will prove very useful (and some may receive some odd looks), but either way, sitting down for that length of time is plain bad for you. So at the very least get up, walk the aisles, keep that blood flowing! There are also plenty of recommended small movements you can do while in your seat such as lifting your feet off the ground by a few inches and rotating them in circles, keeping your heels on the floor and pointing your toes up as far as you can, then pointing the toes down while lifting the heels up, and rolling your shoulders forwards and backwards.


Don’t rely on the films. I personally can’t watch any more than two films before I feel like my brain is turning to mush! I’ll watch one, then read a book on my sister’s kindle that she’s kindly letting me borrow, write a blog post to type up later or colour in my new colouring book! (for adults… it’s therapeutic, ok?)


I don’t know much about sleeping pills and what not because I generally don’t struggle to get to sleep anywhere at all. I’m quite lucky like that. But I am still taking an eye mask and ear plugs to help me create the appropriate setting for catching some sleep and hopefully beating any jet lag type issues. I intend to sleep towards the end of the flight to KL (the larger portion), then I’ll stay awake for the shorter onward journey from there.

So there you have it! I’m feeling quite prepared, (despite forgetting my sunglasses and earphones, but I can always pick those up in the airport) and if you have any more tips then please do share!

Before I actually fly out, I’m off to Manchester to visit my sister, my beautiful baby niece and attend a cousins wedding!

Still intend to post while I’m away, so watch this space J

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