I have had to remind myself of this today. Someone close to me takes it personally that I’m not in contact as much as they would like me to be (but doesn’t ever mention this to me directly) yet whenever I try and contact or arrange to meet up, I get no response. I have to let this go now, I can’t keep letting it hold me back, get me down, and upset me.

If you hold onto these things, you can’t move on. You end up putting that negativity onto other areas of your life, be it in mistrust or holding back on expressing your feelings, thoughts and emotions based on this person’s bad behaviour and other relationships suffer, current and future.

Don’t let these experiences, and the people you’ve had them with, hold you back. Forgive them for any upset, and misgivings. Forgive yourself for not being true to your own needs and for using your time and energy fighting a lost fight. Find the lesson and move forwards. Each closed door and every ending, opens up to a beautiful new beginning and every obstacle you overcome equips you for the next.

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