dragonfluIt’s a well known fact that colouring in is a wonderful way to take your mind off your troubles and forget time for ten minutes or an hour! It’s up there with jigsaw puzzles, reading and writing, it gets those creative juices flowing!

The trend started when a British publishing house asked Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford to create a colouring book for children, but she offered to draw one for adults instead. Secret Garden became an international bestseller. She’s released two since — Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean.

I recently treated myself to the Enchanted Forest edition, mainly for something to keep my brain happy on my upcoming long-haul flight, but also because it seemed more appropriate than my Disney princess one! (not even joking – but you need too much pink for my liking in that one!)

Johanna Basford Enchanted Forest courtesy the artist and Laurence King 3

The Enchanted Forest is a beautiful book, the illustrations are wonderfully intricate and there is even a story that follows throughout. You can also get books featuring Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, to the Indie Rock Colouring Book featuring Broken Social Scene, Bon Iver, and The National. There’s also an unofficial Taylor Swift colouring book, Color Me Swiftly, and Color Me Swoon, featuring a collection of male heartthrobs.

On the psychological side, there are titles like Color Me Calm, Stress Relieving Patterns, and The Mindfulness Colouring Book. Even Crayola have jumped in recently with its series Color Escapes offering geometric, kaleidoscope, nature scenes, or a garden theme.

I would definitely recommend these to anyone wishing to indulge in their childhood passion, get creative, artsy; whatever your reason – pick up a colouring book! My boyfriend was thoughtful enough to go out and buy me a full set of pencils ‘with 7 shades of green’, so this should keep me quiet for a little while at least!


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