Life doesn’t happen to us, it happens around us, how we react makes the situation what it is, to you.

Once you stop chasing whatever you’re chasing, you’ll realise you have all of the tools to find love inside you already. Accept it, and cherish it, and then share it. What you give out, you get back.

This works the same with those monsters we so frequently run away from too. Stop running, accept the pain and the upset, find the lesson you were meant to learn from it, and use it to shine a light on the positivity you can use this for. Don’t let it burn a hole inside you, or it will burn others around you. What you give out, you get back.

Life doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle and it’s always exactly what you need at that time in your journey.

Two people look at the same blue sky, one wonders how long it’ll be around and puts an umbrella in their bag, the other appreciates the colour and the crisp air and strides out of the door in confidence.

Live in the moment, appreciate that blue sky, and most of all realise that the blue sky still exists even behind grey clouds, don’t let fear hold you back.

‘Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that’ – Martin Luther King. Jr.

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