Well it’s been 8 weeks on my Nutrition Plan from my good friend KTPT and today I had my measurements taken again; the part of this whole thing I’m most interested in.

But the proof is in the numbers… and the pictures!

I lost  a total of 3kg (6.5lbs) and 1.4% BF, but the biggest difference is losing 2 inches off my bust, waist and hips (consistent!) so 6 inches lost in total!


I’ll be completely honest, as always, I didn’t sick 100% to plan (imagine the results if I had!!) And there were two spoons of Nutella, a weekend at Centreparcs where I consumed a fair few glasses of red wine then scoffed a load of white bread and butter, a Christening for my beautiful neice and I didn’t turn away from the buffet food of pastry and cake nor did I order a salad when we went for dinner later that evening (I had veggie cannelloni and a lot of garlic bread!).

But for the majority of the 8 weeks I’ve stuck to it! I had 3 meals and 2 snacks a day, eating every 3 hours. I cut processed foods, all the bad kind of carbs (but still had 2 slices of granary toast with half an avocado probably 5 days a week) and cut way back on the alcohol. I moved to 70-80% dark chocolate and experimented with recipes that included all the foods on my good list and I’ve not felt deprived once.

Yes there have been fluctuations in the numbers, you can see how much here, but my goal was to show how your body can change shape more so than shift lbs. My scales got ditched at the beginning of this, and I got my teeny tiny hollister jeans all the way up my waist the other day for the only the second time since I bought them 3 years ago! I do also need new work trousers now.

There are now 6 weeks until I go to Aus, I’m going to continue on with my plan but won’t be updating reularly about it anymore, this is for me. I am amazed with the results, especially since I haven’t sacrificed much of my life at all. I can’t thank Katie enough and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking to adjust their diet and lifestyle.

It’s not a fad, and it requires commitment to change, but 8 weeks really isn’t a long time at all and it’s creating sustainable results, which is the point, right?

Now to plan an epic cheat meal – I figure I earned it!

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