Weigh in today came in at 58.9kg (-1kg / 2.2lbs) and 26.6% BF (-1.1%) taking me to a total of 6.8lbs lost and 1.8% body fat.

I think the best change I made this week was to just relax about the whole thing! I even had a few chocolates this week! (a tub of celebrations appeared in the office one day and a tub of quality street at a friends on another) but my main meals and my snacks have been perfectly to plan, putting me back on track for losing that weight. The only alcohol I’ve had was a small flute of sparkling wine at Jo Malone.

The biggest difference in this is how my clothes fit, I’m wearing a skirt today that has been too tight to wear for a little while, and my fail safe ‘will always fit me’ jeans were so loose I didn’t have to unbutton or zip to go to the loo! I have my measurements taken on Saturday 17th and that’s the bit I’m really interested in.

No additional exercise was taken, just my usual yoga 6 days a week. Which reminds me, check out udaya.co.uk for some wonderful online yoga videos to spice up your home practice!

8 weeks until I go to Australia, I cannot wait! Boyfriend is still being super supportive and helping me out by putting the Nutella out of bounds!

I do however have my Niece’s christening at the weekend, so that’ll be a test of will power! I intend to find something to cook for the buffet and stick to that to keep me on track. It’s good to have a plan!

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