So I’ve lost such fractional amounts that I’m considering this week a bit of a plateau. BUT I didn’t gain, which I had expected to, so I’m still happy.

I am holding up my hands to the fact I had a moment of weakness on Tuesday night and stuffed 5 chocolate hobnobs, 2 bourbon biscuits, a mars bar and a slice of thick buttery toast into my face. I also added a small mountain of cheese onto my otherwise perfect veggie chilli. Afterwards my tummy was rock hard and bloated and I lay on my friends living room floor for a good half an hour in a state of enormous discomfort. I guess my body had gotten used to the good life and didn’t appreciate this barrage of processed sugars. Lesson well and truly learned. It also lead me to wonder, had my body always been in such a state of discomfort before all this?

I’ve been asked to do a food diary for the next week, to see if we can’t figure out where I’m going wrong.

On a side note, I’ve met someone pretty wonderful (eek!) and I’m excited about where it’s going. But this does mean I’ll have to figure out how to work this nutrition stuff in with spending lots of time with him.

Heading to Centreparcs with work this weekend! But my friend responsible for this journey, Katie (KTPT) is coming too, so I’ll have her support and we can eat gluten free oats together! Should be fun 🙂

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