So a whole week since my last weigh in and results are; lost 1.1lbs (total of 4.8), body fat increased slightly to 27.8% (27.6%) last week, but that was expected to be fair. Measurements will be taken again after 6 weeks.

My actual diet went out of the window since my last weigh in due to the high sugar and high carb foods consumed to get me through the 3 peaks on Friday and Saturday. Sunday was recovery from that as I figured I’d earned it! So I only got back on track on Monday. I also had a few glasses of red wine the past few days – oops!

I did however still eat very regularly and it did an enormous amount of exercise on very little sleep so I’m certainly not beating myself up about it.

Still thoroughly enjoying eating every 3 hours and my metabolism is definitely working better. My shape has definitely changed too (my trousers are looser for a start) so I’m looking forward to having my measurements taken again. For now though I’m back off the alcohol and firmly back on my Nutrition Plan.

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