I climbed the 3 peaks at the weekend with Meningitis Now!

27 of us started on Friday morning at Snowdon, then climbed back on the coach for the drive to Scafell Pike to climb over night (in the wind and rain over the boulder fields), finishing at 4am, then we drove to Ben Nevis for 2pm. I unfortunately didn’t make the summit of BN, but we made it half way and that was enough for me.

We raised £1,200 for the charity in total, which we’re very happy with and thank each and every one of the people who donated.

One thing it did instil in me is how much fitter I need to be for Machu Picchu next year! Although I will have a proper sleep each night in a tent over the 4 days as opposed to 20 minutes here and there on a coach between climbs so I imagine that will help. Still, I want to do a lot more training for it so that I can ensure that I enjoy the experience fully. Thankfully with that one it’s all up, as the downs make me quite uncomfortable, and they’re just relentless.

My legs are slowly forgiving me but I’m so tired still, I’m looking forward to a weekend of resting.

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