So today is day 9 of my lifestyle overhaul, and although I’m ‘only’ changing my diet, I do consider that an overhaul. Food is where it all begins. Regardless of exercise, meditation, etc; how we eat is THE most important thing we can do for our overall health.

So, stats wise (the bit you’re all really interested in!) I’ve lost 3.74lbs in the past 8 days. And just under 1% body fat (down to 27.4%). I’m VERY happy with that, and this means it’s a sustainable loss, so it shouldn’t just pop straight back on if I have a bad week.

Getting up earlier is getting easier, my skin has cleared right up, generally I’m in an even better mood and I wouldn’t say I’m brimming with energy just yet but my mid-afternoon slump is no more!

The biggest challenge for me has been to take the time to prep my food and make sure I’m always carrying something to eat. Second, eating so often! It’s only every 3 hours, but I had to set up reminders in my diary for the first week, and by the time I get to my afternoon snack I feel like I’ve only just finished my lunch!

My typical day would look like this (do remember I’m vegetarian);

05.45                     Hot water & Lemon
06:15-30                Overnight oats or avocado & poached egg on granary toast
09:30                     Snack – Rice cakes & cashew butter
12:30                     Lunch – Salad with Quinoa and Feta cheese or a Sweet Potato with a ‘good’ topping
15:30                     Snack – Protein shake with almond or coconut milk
18:30/19:00           Dinner – Vegetable Chilli or Curry with brown or wild rice

This is different every day, I have a lot of options to choose from 🙂

I’ve not increased my exercise at all from 4-5 sessions of yoga a week.

It’s been a week of birthdays at work so there have been lots of treats and cakes around, my saviour has been Naked Cocoa Orange bars. These legendary little things are on my list of ‘bad’ foods (the good, the bad and the ugly), to be eaten in moderation. They’re made up of just 5 ingredients, and they’re all natural, raw and delicious. The chocolate orange one tastes just like Terry’s Chocolate Orange to me… but not everyone agrees! Green & Blacks 85% cocoa was my proper ‘cheat’ on Saturday night, although 85% cocoa is also allowed, albeit in moderation!

The key difference to me has been a total lack of craving for ‘ugly’ foods. The white bread, chips, milk chocolate, cake; I’m just not interested. I haven’t missed not drinking at all, and I’m on day 12 with no booze so far.

Slowly but surely getting used to the Tupperware lifestyle. I’ll update again in a week or so but I’m excited to continue!

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