OK so weigh in No.4; gained 0.3kg and body fat has stayed the same.

I was prepared to gain (although I thought it’d be more than I did) as there have been a couple of spoons of Nutella, a glass or three of red wine on the Team Walk at CentreParcs (which also resulted in white bread and butter binge when I got back to the villa) one dinner at Chiquitos, and not much regular exercise. My journey so far looks like this;

Weight: 62kg, Body Fat%: 28.4%

First Weigh In
Weight: 60.3kg, Body Fat%: 27.6%

Second Weigh In
Weight: 59.7kg, Body Fat%: 27.8%

Third Weigh In
Weight: 59.6kg, Body Fat%: 27.7%

Fourth Weigh In
Weight: 59.9kg, Body Fat%: 27.7%

So I’m still down 4.6lbs and a teeny bit of body fat since my start on the 22nd August. Today marks 9 weeks until Australia (I’ll be on the plane still but woohoo!!), so I’m working hard to get back on track.

I’m due to have my measurements taken again in a couple of weeks (moved to 8 weeks as opposed to 6 on account of my wandering off course) so that will be the true test. I still feel like I look smaller, and I have had a compliment or two that I do, so I’m interested to see how my shape may have changed.

Relationship wise, he’s being amazingly supportive and when he cooks for me it’s always within my plan (he’s even eating vegetarian meals!) so I can’t even think about blaming that!

More will power and food prep needed! Perhaps it’s time to shop for a bikini…

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