splitsThere are many postures that elude me, for example;

Pigeon (cant get fully down to the floor)
Overhead grips
Jump backs
Chakrasana – Backwards Roll
Navasana – boat pose (just can’t seem to engage the right bits)
Headstand (but I’m great at rolling out of them)
Drop back (no way!! Terrified!)

And until Sunday, Monkey pose, or ‘the splits’. The list goes on, but that last one, I finally managed it at the weekend.

My teacher said to me just the week before that getting my back thigh on the mat in pigeon would help with the splits. At the time I thought ‘oh man, I didn’t even consider that’, and while it added another dimension to my practice, it also felt like another hurdle.

It should be noted that have only been practicing yoga regularly for 2 years and I am human. I often get asked if I’ve been doing it since I was a child or just ‘born bendy’ but let me tell you, I have made massive progress in a month in some postures, no progress in 6 months in some and just no progress full stop in many.

HOWEVER, bear this in mind; we call it PRACTICE because really, we are never finished. Once you master one posture, you have another variation to tackle right after that. It goes on and on but it’s so very rewarding to take that time to connect with your body in such a way and challenge yourself. I’ve never been so in tune with myself just from stepping onto my mat EVERY day. ESPECIALLY when I don’t feel like it and may only do a few sun salutations, it’s those days that I often learn the most.

Ideally, we should practice daily, but if you can’t do daily, then do several times a week; I hate to be the one to tell you this but that one class a week isn’t going to cut it whether you want to touch your toes in a forward bend or get your feet on your head while upside down! Practice makes progress, and with practice, all is coming.

One last thing, I’ve not been able to do it since! Almost a week later it remains a one hit wonder… practice, practice!

Post inspired by Rachel brathen a.k.a. Yoga Girl

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