collect moments not thingsI had a conversation with a friend recently about how he really wanted to message a girl but he’d sent the last text so he couldn’t and he didn’t want to come across too keen. Who the hell made up that rule!?

As it turns out he didn’t, and she didn’t message him either, and through unspoken misunderstandings that was that and it was over.

Life is short. You’ve got to grab hold of the wonderful things, the butterflies and the excitement. Do not pay any attention to any possible outcome just enjoy that moment, right there.

Wouldn’t you rather take a risk on feeling that fluttering than wondering whether or not something might work out. Let go of the worry of feeling foolish! I’d certainly rather take the risk on going to sleep tonight feeling loved, wanted and appreciated, than wondering whether I should let someone know what’s on my mind and how I feel, and regret never sending that message or making that phone call because you might look ‘desperate’ or something ridiculous.

And if it doesn’t work out – so what!? Believe it or not, you’ll live! And you’ll at least have a little more experience, you’ll know where you stand, save yourself some time and who knows, maybe a wonderful whirlwind moment that you can look back on with fondness.

Take a chance, life is truly too short not to.

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