Backbend2I passed my final assessment in my Yoga Teacher Training today! I’m now a Registered 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Teacher!

My subject was Backbends. Centred around safe practice, with focus on opening and strengthening. A class for all abilities and intelligently structured.

I had a total of 10 people, representing a wide range of abilities. I got nervous and completely screwed up my opening few lines, but as I went on with my lesson plan my nerves settled a little and I managed to get all the way through.

I managed to shorten my course (usually spread over 11 weekends) by taking a 95 hour intensive in Bulgaria back in June, which was a truly amazing experience. However I still intend to attend the next two module weekends to ensure I’ve covered absolutely everything. That and I’ve really enjoyed the whole thing!

Most importantly to me, is that I was only able to take the course at all because my Grandma left me some money when she passed away last year. She was so proud of my practice and the amount she left was the amount of the course – it was meant to be! I know she would be proud of me passing today, and I intend to continue on in her memory, making her proud.

Now then… what next!?