10959451_803694259702950_1364627595973482045_nToday, after I climbed out bed and looked in the mirror, then turned to my right to look at myself profile, I stroked my tummy, and I thought to myself ‘you look great’. I smiled at my face (not the first part of my reflection that I look at, admittedly) and shimmied off to the bathroom.

This is my morning ritual. I also climbed onto the scales for the last time this morning, shrugged off the number and threw them out!

I took the leap recently and switched to a vegetarian diet, and ever since I’ve come to a sort of peace with my body.

Ever looked at images of other girls online or in magazines and think about how much better your life would be if you looked like them? I know I have, I’ve thought how I’ll be able to wear anything if I just lost a few pounds, and I’d somehow fall in love, land the dream job and get my happily ever after! (I’ve also recently discovered that my single life makes it easier to eat healthily!) But if you don’t love yourself as you are right now, that’ll literally never happen.

I decided this morning that I am in the best shape of my life so far, I am a HAPPY shape, I am a HEALTHY shape and for that, I am a GRATEFUL shape.

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