VegetarianI only recently switched to vegetarian diet and must admit that due to my busy lifestyle I’ve not really sat down and had a look at how to do that properly & healthily. One thing I have noticed is that it’d be all too easy to just live on carbs alone (Chips and wine are suitable for vegetarians after all!).

I’m very conscious of my health and a firm believer in healing with diet and movement, be it a physical issue or even your mood, I pay attention to how my body feels more so than how it looks, and lately, that’s a little sluggish.

It is important to me to think carefully about what I put into my body, and also the image that I portray as a yoga teacher and through my online accounts.

My good friend and Nutrition Advisor (and PT and first time fitness model competitor – yes, she’s that good!) Katie Allman aka KT:PT, has come up with a Nutrition Plan for me so that I can reduce my body fat and become healthier in my approach to my diet.

The biggest changes will be a hefty reduction in simple carbohydrates (refined sugar, white bread and pasta etc) and including more food … yep… MORE food… and anyone who knows me, knows that I eat a lot as it is! But I mean real, wholesome food. LOADS of it!

KTPT Nutrition Plan ImageI also have to cut out the usual biscuits, cakes, chocolate (unless at least 80% cocoa) etc, but since cutting out meat my cravings for these types of foods has reduced dramatically anyway.

Lifestyle wise I’ve been getting up extra early to fit in yoga before my day starts, and so that I can eat breakfast at home before I leave for work, as Katie recommends, half an hour after rising. So that’s roughly 20 minutes of yoga, quick shower and then stuff my face while my hair dries – perfect! I’d do more but I don’t want to hit it so hard that I set myself up for failure, and I do enjoy sleeping in until 6. After that, aim to eat something every 3 hours, even if it’s just a snack.

I’m not adding any more exercise at this stage, as I already do 4-5 yoga classes a week and I do fair amount of walking on my weekends.

It’s also nice to have an excuse to cut out alcohol. I have one event coming up in 4 weeks that I may drink at, but we shall see. Until then – no booze!

So, my stats as of Saturday are;

Height: 5ft 2 (157cm)
Starting measurements (inches):
Chest     36
Waist     29
Hips       38
Starting BF percentage: 28.4%

My water percentage may have been effected by the whole bottle of wine the night before – oops!

And I have calorie goals split by protein, carbs & fat to encourage a steady reduction in body fat whilst maintaining lean muscle.

I’ve also taken some ‘before photos’, but I’ll be keeping those to myself until I have comparison!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress as it goes. I’m quite excited! 🙂

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