ifyougettheinsideI keep hearing of people who are overweight being treated for a hormone imbalance, among other things, but my point is – their diet isn’t even being brought into question!? Not just the diet that got them to this situation, but even a diet that could bring it back into balance.

It basically comes down to this; what you put into your body radiates on the outside. Be it good wholesome food or junk food, water or diet coke, how well we breathe in oxygen, the medicines we take to quash the symptoms that come from not looking after ourselves in the first place, it all shows in one way or another.

If everything you are putting into your body creates a toxic reaction (breakouts, dry skin, toothache, weight gain, joint pain and so on) then no matter how many lotions or potions you put onto your skin you’ll never see an improvement.

The beauty industry makes billions every year in creams, lotions, scrubs. Not to mention the fortune we spend on vitamin supplements and medicines to make up for not putting enough of the good stuff into our bodies.

That’s not to say stop the full body scrub at the spa – but you’ll glow just that little bit more if your body is happy on the inside too.

I have a vegetarian diet and I don’t eat meat at all (including fish) so I do take a vitamin supplement to ensure I get enough iron etc but I eat A LOT of vegetables to try and get what I need from the good green earth.

I also swear by my Nutribullet! I’m sure my house mates think I juice everything and never eat solids, and I’m always carrying around a cup of green ‘something’, but it’s been vital to balancing my diet. Even my orange juice gets a large handful of spinach and half a teaspoon of spirulina! I’m still human though, I have my weaknesses, mainly chocolate!! I just make sure it’s a better option (dark chocolate, 65% cocoa+) so I don’t have to deny myself that treat. And if I were going to be something I ate, chocolate isn’t a bad shout!

By way of a ‘beauty regime’ I personally spend a small fortune on coconut oil, and I use it for everything from a moisturiser to oil pulling and a hair mask. I eat it too!

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